Safe Families for Children

New York City

Volunteer Application

Getting started is easy! Here’s how to get involved:

  1. Attend an info session. Dates/registration: Or attend an info session or home gathering at your church.
  2. Fill out an online application and provide 3 references (1 pastoral and 2 personal/professional). Select “New York City, NY” in the region drop down box.
  3. Schedule a brief 15 minute phone interview with our Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, Charisma Ross:
  4. Complete background screening, which includes:
    1. Statewide Central Registry for Child Abuse and Neglect
    2. NYC Go Pass (includes FBI and NY State fingerprints) – $60 fee
  5. Watch the online volunteer training (2 ½ hours): “Family Friend Mentoring (without hosting).” Create an account and request enrollment key from Charisma.
  6. Once approved, volunteers will receive a list of current families looking for support and can request to be matched with a family.
    *For any questions on the approval process, please contact Charisma Ross at or (815) 310-5397.


Click on the volunteer role to submit an application:

*Select region in the drop down box as “New York City, NY”

Family Friend: Befriends and supports parent and/or child by offering services such as babysitting, transportation, mentoring, help connecting with local resources, help with job or housing searches, and other friend-like support.

Family Coach: Coordinates the team to make sure that the child, parent, and Family Friends have all necessary resources to thrive. The coach can delegate any needs to the Family Friends. *Note: Family Coaches first fill out the Family Friend application and will have additional training and an interview once they are approved as Family Friends.

Resource Friend: Provides direct services such as medical/dental care or counseling OR collect and deliver goods such as diapers, formula, baby items, or furniture. 

Behind-the-Scenes Support: Support the mission by helping in areas such as church or agency engagement, legislative advocacy, or fundraising. We rely on volunteers for all of these areas! Email to inquire.